A lot of things happened in my second year of college. Some were good and some were quite bad, but from the bad things we can learn how to deal with it and find the solution. For this year, I’ve been experiencing happiness, disappointment, depressed, kindness, sadness, joyful, and others.  Let’s start from the good thing first, well now I can’t think of one -LOL-, in 3rd semester, I did pretty good on my studies. Ok, stop lying! , well 2nd year was nice timing for managing my clubs. I joined 2 clubs which was confusing yet exciting. I felt like I did not give my best on studies but fortunately the result came quite well, at least it didn’t make me or my parent disappointed (and I still can continue my clubs activities). In one of my club, I was in charge in division of research and development with 7 others. I honestly said that it was crazy, always drove me insane because of meeting, handling members, arranging course, doing short-research, and others. The responsibility, I meant, that was the hardness one, like a bunch of stones dropped into our shoulders. It was hard, but still fun. I was wondering myself that How can I still having fun out of this complicated tasks. The answer was, because we were doing it together. Became more caring and sociable person was one of achievement that I get.  Typing about my other club, well, because I was a new comer, I still need to adapt the social circle and its habits, but it’s still fun to hang out with them. The best thing that I like for both clubs are that they make me to force myself to do something that I’ve never done in my life, that’s exactly what I’m looking for in college life, trying a lots of new things, forcing myself to be independent and strong enough to reach my dream, being an empty glass so I can fill it with lot of knowledge. LOL, sounds so dramatic, but well it’s true. I also met new friends from different majors and backgrounds, from medical students to law students. It’s amazing to know people more. I also do a little-observing of my friend’s behavior while paying attention in class, doing the group assignment, and having fun with their friends. Well, it made me more accepting the differences between us, whether is about our personality, perspectives on something, and others. And I tell you, it also helps me to control my temper towards others. LOL


I also tried new things this year, like joining commission of general election for my faculty which made me know about how many kinds of party do we have in political science faculty, how it works, and how the election process –not as easy as I thought first, should respect people who held national general election-. May was the most coward month, every clubs and other activities that I did had their own goal in May. I didn’t slept well, so many papers and presentations that I’ve should done perfectly to guarantee my final score. It also held the annual gathering of my clubs that I should attend. It was so confusing. I went to college at 7 A.M   until late. I didn’t eat properly, causing my body thinner. But I was happy that I didn’t sick at that time.


AKB48 general election 2015 was the most frustrated state for me, Ok I’m over dramatic, but true that, Mayuyu lost her 1st place to Sasshi were the worst case I’ve ever thought. It’s alright to let Yukirin got the spot, but unfortunately, she just got 2nd place. I’m sorry for all Sasshi fans around the world, I like Sasshi but I love Mayuyu so bad and wanted her to become the first member who win 1st place in a row. Even though she received her 3rd place with happy-energizing smile, she had a nice reaction though. The vote differences were about going crazy!! Sasshi got 190++ votes, what the heck?! Never thought that Sasshi’s fans are rich, while ,me, only can buy one vote to Mayuyu. Well, I least I could pray for her. LOL My next generation oshi, Nishino Miki, sadly didn’t rank this year, after last year she got 62nd place (Future Girls) while Nana and Mako went up to Under Girls rank. So sad, but she still have plenty years to develop her character and making fans, so it didn’t really bother me, but still it’s pretty sad. My HKT oshi, Sakuratan joined kami7 in 7th place, expected result I think, because last year, after she got 11th place, I had a feeling that she would be in 7th rank next year.  Strangely, every AKB48 fan that I know thought the same think, what a nuts. HAHA

Even though Mayuyu’s rank was a little bit disappoint me, her 5th Solo Single “Deai no Tsuzuki” went really well. What a nice and good song. Especially the coupling song called “Magireshiteiru”. I played it over and over on my music playlist. It has a rock sense and what a cool song!


Well, I think that’s all a brief story about what I’ve been doing for a year. So shameful I didn’t make any post in 2015 except my assignment posting. Hopefully I could fill this lame blog with more reviews about movies, books, maybe foods and some of my arts (I know it’s not good enough –amateur after all- just bear with it LOL). There are still lots of things that I want to try for next semester, I have to do something with my studies too, to make sure that it wouldn’t as fail as last semester LOL. I’m still hoping a lot of things but I’m afraid I can’t mention it here one by one otherwise it would expose my privacy and more importantly, It would be really boring. HAHA

This is not this a new year wishes, this is not my goal for 2015. This is just reminder for me that I still have to do more and work as hard as I can. Ganbarimayuyu~

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