Words from a Normal OTAKU


My childhood was really wonderful. When I was still in kindergarten, I still remember how I loved oreo snack and candy so much. I always had these snack on my bag before I got ready to school. It still costed 800 rupiah for the oreo and 200 rupiah for 2 candies. Even though, my school also offered snack for us, I would keep my oreo and eat them when I got home while watching teletubbies and tweenies. (Oh, God, I even still remember the show).

I’m not good at remembering something, but when it comes a precious thing to me, I would and If I wanted, I could remember it forever.

My childhood’s life wouldn’t had been perfect without Anime/Cartoon on TV. Now, I don’t watch TV so much, cause of many reasons. But, back then, when I was 6, I really loved watching TV. Not just like this time, which TV has so many rubbish shows that could brain wash and fooling around people, especially children. Local TVs were airing lots of cartoons from Japanese and some from America. Cartoon such as Sailor moon, Wedding Peach, Captain Tsubasa, and more made my day more brighter. Maybe It sounds so dramatic, but believe me, I really loved watching them.

Sailor moon was always becoming my favorite. I could draw Usagi-chan (main character in Sailor moon) on room’s wall and my parent’s with my sister. I was still 5 or 6 years old. Thanks to them, I became really liked drawing on my text books. I remember how much I loved to be praised by my friend when they look at my drawing. I drew so many Usagi-chan with a very long hair and over-slim body on sailor costume. Oh, I even had a sailor dress, I don’t remember how did I have that, but I have a picture which I wear that dress on my uncle’s arm.

I watch cartoons until I turned 12 (I guess ). My memories is quite blur when I was in 6th grade cause so many things (I’m not saying, I was bullied, but I felt like I really was….) Maybe I didn’t watch cartoons again because they stopped airing and I read lot’s of manga instead. The first Manga that I read when I was 3rd grade was Imadoki by Watasee Yuu. Since then, I read another and another Manga, and I become addicted until now. Can’t take my eyes on Manga.

Then, when in JHS, I learned how to download video from internet and I did download Death Note anime. So, My wonderful life just begun again šŸ™‚

Here’s recommended cartoon that I like to share with. Think about it, a lesson can be given from everything, so does cartoon.

Yuyu Hakuso : Ā A gangster boy who died in accident because saving a boy’s life. Fortunately, it’s not destiny for him to die now , then he is given an opportunity to become alive again if he win kinda of champion among spirits who also wanted to alive again. What I like to share from this anime are, first, no matter how bad someone is, he/she still has heart and has sense of humanity. Seems like everyone are actually kind, gentle, and have a harm-heart. I’m talking about idealism’s view about people. Those utopias believe that people are kind, they just become evil cause of external factors from their environment, education, etc. And peaceful would not be just a dream if people wants. Then, life is not a game, For those who not cherish their own life, they’d better see people with uncurable illness, poor people, they who gor abused, and others. Remember, how prescious a life is, and how many people who wants their life back, but can’t. Lastly, hard working, even it’s untouchable goal, when you work hard, you might able to become closer to it. Become closer and closer until you can grab it easily. That’s when your dream come true.

Well, yuyu hakuso is an old anime, but if you try hard, you might be able to find the download site.

Just same like it, HunterxHunter, Slamdunk, Captain Tsubasa, Whistle, others teach us how by hard working we can make it something impossible before become possible. It also has a moral value of life, within your family, friends, lover, some anime manga are changing my perspective about something.

I would like to motivate you guys by this words… Miracle is another name of Hard Working.

At the end, I was never regret spending whole day to watch anime or just read Manga. They give me so much lessons and knowledge that my friend would not know from nowhere. I take it as advantages. Cause of Online Manga too, I could , a little bit, understand English, well, even still in passive way, but someday I’m looking forward to it, when I able to have a full speech in front worldwide audience. Lol

Arigatou gozaimasu~~

PS. I like Anime manga and now also criminal things. You know what I mean. šŸ˜›


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